Best Risers to Mining with Your GPU

Amazing Efficiency

Cryptocurrency is hard work. But the latest technology has made it easier for users all over the world. Riser is one example of such a sophisticated piece of technology. A riser is a device that extends between the PCI-E slots on a motherboard or various graphics cards.

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Because you are here, I won’t go into detail about what risers actually are. Let’s now address the more important question: What are the top risers in mining with your GPU by 2022?

From all of my personal experiences, I was fortunate enough to find a few risers who instantly became my favorite. To help you find your favourite riser, I have compiled a list of them here.

The Best Risers to Mining with Your GPU in 2022

1. Ubit Latest PCI-E GPU Riser – Best Riser For Mining

The Ubit Latest PCI E GPU Riser is the ultimate riser to mine with your GPU in 2022. It weighs 0.705 ounces, measures 7.56x 5.71x 0.67 inches, and has a total dimension of 7.56x 5.71x 0.67 inches. The riser is equipped with three solid capacitors, a 12v/1.5A Molex power connector and six-pin PCIe ports. This ensures smooth and efficient performance.

The best thing about this riser, besides all the other things, is the small LED light that gives an indication of how stable the connection between devices. This means you don’t need to check the connection every few minutes.


Super affordable
Good value for the money
It is simple to use
A small LED indicator light is included
No interference from noise
Performance that is reliable and fast

Installation can be a little difficult
Compatibility issues with certain GPU’s

If you’re looking for the best GPU riser to mine with your GPU in 2022 then the Ubit Latest PCI E GPU Riser is a good choice. It is important to ensure that the riser works with your GPU before you buy it. Otherwise, it could cause serious damage.

2. FebSmart PCI-E Riser – Est Pcie Riser For Mining

The FebSmart PCI E Riser is another great riser to mine with your GPU in 2022. It weighs 2.39 ounces, measures 5.12x 0.14x 0.71 inches and has a total dimension of 5.12x 0.14x 0.71 inches. Due to its outstanding performance, this riser is ideal for Ethereum mining rigs.

This riser’s best feature is its 6-pin PCIe connector, which gives it some amazing qualities such as speed and incredible performance. You won’t have connectivity issues between your motherboard and graphics card.

These risers are my favorite because of the appealing color combination of red and black, as well as their affordability. These risers are affordable and I don’t have to spend too much. These risers are always on hand for me just in case.

Very affordable
Excellent quality
It is simple to use
Amazing looks
Spectacular performance
Reliable and fast

Installation is difficult
May have compatibility issues

The FebSmart PCI E Riser is a durable and efficient riser that I highly recommend to everyone. However, you should ensure that the riser is compatible with your GPU before purchasing it. Otherwise, it could cause serious damage to your house wiring. You will be extremely satisfied with the performance of a compatible riser.

3. Dracaena PCI-E Riser – Best Gpu Risers For Mining

Dracaena PCI E Riser is an excellent option for anyone looking for the best riser to mine with your GPU in 2022. It weighs 1.01 pounds and measures 5.12×1.18x 0.59inches. The riser is made up of three solid capacitors. It also features a coil unit that absorbs electromagnetic wave energy.

This riser will deliver a remarkable performance because it is powered by Molex and 6-pin PCIe ports. Smooth performance is guaranteed without any noise interference. The inbuilt coil unit will also absorb electromagnetic waves and protect you from any transmission problems.

High efficiency
An inbuilt coil unit absorbs electromagnetic radiation
LED light indicator
It is simple to use
Reliable performance

Compatibility issues
Installation is difficult

It is clear that the Dracaena PCI-E Riser has all the right features to be the best riser for mining with your GPU in 2022. You get a reliable and stable connection that eliminates all transmission issues caused by electromagnetic waves.

4. BEYIMEI PCI E 1X to 16X Riser–Gpu Mining Riser

BEYIMEI PCI E 1X to 16X Riser, is another great option if you’re still searching for the best mining riser in 2022. It weighs 1.32 pounds and measures 7.72x 5.24x 4.02 inches. The riser includes eight fixed capacitors as well as a 3.0 USB adapter.

This riser works well with motherboards that have PCI-E slots. It also has internal cables that should never be replaced by regular wires. You must also ensure that your computer is turned off before installing the riser.

Reliable performance
Rapid Connectivity
It is simple to use
Highly durable
LED light indicator
Compatible with many operating systems

A little too expensive
Very short life span

If you’re looking for the best risers to mine with your GPU, then I recommend the BEYIMEI PCI-E 1X-16X Riser. Although it is a great riser, it is very short-lived. It is quite expensive considering its lifespan, but the great compatibility makes it worth the cost.

5. LinksTek PCI-E Riser – Gpu Riser Mining


The LinksTek PCI E Riser is my final pick for the best risers to mine with your GPU in 2022. It weighs 4.8 ounces, measures 5.9×4.9×1.1 inches and has a total dimension of 5.9×4.9×1.1 inches. It features a hardware interface of PCIE x 1 or PCIE x 16 It is compatible with most windows operating systems and IOS.

This riser features an LED indicator light that shows connection stability between all your devices. This means you don’t need to manually check your connection every few minutes. Just glance at the riser and you are done.

All other things being equal, the purpose a riser serves is to provide uninterrupted connectivity and stable connectivity without noise interferences. Guess what? All of this is possible with the LinksTek PCI-E riser, and many more. Don’t delay, get one of these bad boys today!