Craft Design Technology: Chrome

Ball Point Pen Review

Craft Design Technology is an innovative Japanese stationery brand. Their mission is to combine modern design with traditional Japanese craft and technological innovation. Their gorgeous green packaging has been on the radar of me for some time and Rikumo offered to send me a few products to review, I was thrilled to take a look.

Rikumo’s first item was the Craft Design Technology Chrome Ball Point Pen. Item 22, CDT’s modern take on the business ballpoint. This pen is what I see in my grandfather’s pocket, at my dad’s desk or in Mad Men client meetings. This pen exudes class and style.

The Craft Design Technology Chrome Ball Point Pen, which is as simple as it gets, is a great value proposition. The pen is expensive at $65, but the benefits are well worth it. I don’t believe so. Although the design is great and CDT’s goals seem admirable, the actual value of the pen is not there. I could choose from a lot of pens to replace Item 22.

Craft Design Technology products look better for me. I’m looking forward to trying more of them. This company is worth your attention. Rikumo sent me this pen to review. You can also visit their online store to see more Japanese imports, or stop by their brick and mortar shop if you’re in Philadelphia.

This design was used by most pen companies from the 1950’s to 1970’s. CDT has tried their best to improve it. It is stunning with its chrome barrel. The chrome barrel is so shining it is difficult to photograph, but it really stands out in person. I could live without the CDT branding. A simple logo would have been better, but I wouldn’t lie if I said I didn’t like the entire “Item 22” thing. It cracks me up. It’s so Japanese and I love it.

The chrome ball pen is made in conjunction with Pentel, and uses Pentel refills. Average at best, the 0.8mm ballpoint. Although the ink is dark, it can be messy. There is also some spidering (a string or ink that is placed between words/letters when the pen is lifted from the page). It looks good in the abstract, but I expect it to be more when you look closer.


For stationery aficionados, there is no place quite like Japan. You won’t find any other place where you can find office supplies made with the same precision as a master architect.

Craft Design Technology is a leading Japanese stationery brand. It marries modern design and the Japanese tradition of traditional crafts and technological innovation. The brand’s iconic office products are a favorite among design enthusiasts. They add elegance and tradition to the simplicity of everyday office supplies. CDT was created to help create productive spaces using consciously designed everyday goods. The company’s founders see the workplace as an area for creativity and innovation. They believe that the best tools can lead to the most innovative ideas.



CDT chooses traditional Japanese colors for all its products. To encourage new ideas, pencils and other everyday items are made in a light green that is reminiscent of spring buds. The CDT Brush Pen is a classic item, with a dark, refined color that reflects the timeless quality of traditional calligraphy.


CDT’s original graphic design is inspired by the Edo period’s sanadahimo, a sturdy braided rope stitch. These ropes were used in ancient times to fasten kimonos and hold swords. This particular knot can still be used to tie and transport wooden boxes containing tea ceremony equipment.


CDT’s design is based on angles. Every item is inspired either by the perfect geometric relationship found in nature (the perfect geometric relation that stems directly from life) or the silver ratio of well-designed artefacts (the rational perfection of human design). Each utensil’s angles are designed to fit comfortably in your left or right hand.


Craft Design Technology founding philosophy is that small changes can be made. Think about the office every day. At its core, it is a space that houses a variety of desks which, in turn, house a range of office supplies. These everyday tools are often overlooked and we settle for the closest pen or the one with the most pages. craft design technology unique designs remind us that the tools we overlook are what help us complete the projects that our minds create. These same tools can bring joy and productivity to your work if they are done right.

Although we may not be able to make big changes at once, if we take small steps and give importance to the details, we are more likely to overcome larger challenges. Changes in our focus can lead to a change in how we work. CDT seeks to improve that focus and help us find the areas where we can grow, however small.