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How to Enable Toshiba Laptop Function Keys?

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You know how difficult it is to use function keys if you’re a writer, or if you use your laptop regularly. Function key applications can save you time and help you overcome your problems. With just one click, these keys can process any command with complete ease.

This option isn’t always available on laptops. This problem is not something you should be facing, but I have the solution.

These keys can be made functional in just a few simple steps. This article will answer your question about how to activate function keys on Toshiba laptops. It also contains some helpful tips and tricks. So, dive right in.

What are Function Keys?

How to Enable Toshiba Laptop Function Keys
It is important to know the meaning of functional keys in order to be able to comprehend these commands. The functional keys, also known as F Keys or the top of the keyboard, are simple and can be found at the top of the keyboard. These keys are responsible for various functions and are numbered 1-12.

Each key corresponds to a specific function, based on the shortcuts. These keys’ function is dependent on the setup of your laptop, its operation system and layout. This comprehensive guide will give you an overview of these function keys and how they work.

  • F1 is used primarily for the help button and opening the menu.
  • F2 is used to highlight a folder, or file.
  • F3 is designed primarily for opening a search function.
  • F4 can help you find the search bar or address.
  • F5 refreshes your browsers, as everybody knows.
  • F6 can be used to move the cursor to address bar.
  • F7 stands for spelling check in word.
  • F8 is designed for opening the Window startup.
  • F9 is designed to refresh your Word document.
  • F10 is used to open the menu bar.
  • F11 allows you to exit or enter the full screen.
  • F12 allows you to save the word document.

These function keys can be used in conjunction with Ctrl or Shift keys. You can also use these combination of brightness adjustments, noise control and touchpads. It is therefore crucial that your function keys work properly.

Why do function keys not work on Toshiba laptops?
If we are talking about Toshiba laptops of high quality, then you’ll be shocked to learn that the function keys on these laptops don’t work. They aren’t designed this way, but they aren’t enabled yet.

You don’t have to be worried as there are many ways you can make your keys work. To make them work, all you have to do is enable them.

How do I enable function keys on a Toshiba laptop?

These steps will also help you make your function keys work.

First, open the menu bar of your laptop. Next, select all programs. Select the Toshiba option.
You will then see that there is another category called ‘utilities’ under this option. Click this option and choose ‘accessibility.
After you have finished opening the bar, you’ll see a key marked Fn. You will need to check that box. To verify that the F1 key is working, press it immediately. Click OK to allow it.
Do this for each key, then press Fn and Esc keys simultaneously. This will turn off your computer’s sound and refresh your screen with all its icons.
If your Fn key doesn’t work, press the Fn + Num Lock simultaneously. This will ensure that your laptop does not have a moist lock. Use the F11 key to check if your Fn key is still working. To activate all function keys, you will need to repeat the fourth step.
If your key does not work, contact a technician to have it checked out.
You are now ready to go.

Change the Toshiba Function Keys to Standard F1-12 Mode
There are two ways to arrange the keys on a Toshiba laptop:

You can activate Standard Format by pressing the function button. To activate Standard Format, press Fn and then the special key simultaneously.
You can activate the Special Method by pressing Fn first, then following keys from F1 to F12. To activate the Special Method, press Fn first followed by F1 through F12.
Most Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make F1 and F12 keys work?

To enable the F1 through F12 keys, you must have granted them access and decoded Fn lock. To do this, you must allow the Fn key to be displayed in the accessibility menu. You can then press the Fn and other keys to execute the command.

My F keys are not working on my Toshiba laptop.
Toshiba laptops have a unique layout. To use the function keys, activate them first. You will need to allow the Fn keys in order to enable these keys. These laptops can be activated using either a standard or special method.

How can I make my laptop work with function keys?

To do this, press the Fn and shift keys on the left sides. This will activate Fn Function Format. This will activate the Fn Function Format.