Six Mistakes to Avoid when Converting PDF Files

It doesn’t matter what format you use to present your work. Files are used by most people to submit completed projects, regardless of whether they are text or images.

You will need a converter because you can’t design everything directly from the PDF. You will need to change the format at the end of your work. Any mistakes will only make it worse. You must complete the work and then leave the conversion process to the end.

This article will help you save time and avoid making mistakes. This article will help you to identify the most common errors and how you can avoid them in future projects.

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Signing wrong

Although we use these files to transport entire documents, there are still many things we can do. You can add a signature digitally to your file.

Many people make the error of scanning the document and signing it manually. It is inefficient and a shame to do this when the solution is so much better.

You can simply go to the signature option and choose the file where you would like your signature to appear. You can either use a signature you already have or create one for the first time. Once you are done, simply apply for and save the newly signed document.

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Photos of poor quality

The photos must be easily readable, depending on the purpose of the file. The quality of the files should not be an issue if they are being used for presentation purposes. If you are sending the image to press, however, the PDF will need to be of a better quality.

You don’t have to create another file if you find yourself in this situation. You can simply replace the image with a better one. Make sure that you only use websites that allow you to edit PDF files and add images, as recommended by

This format is for a project that still requires work

The PDF is not the right tool for you if you were thinking of sharing the file to make it complete. These situations can be handled by better software. The PDF can be edited but word has more options than the PDF. Word can also be used to create better projects.

People will need to convert the PDF if you give it out. This can reduce efficiency and waste time that could be used to improve other processes. Instead, complete the project in the app you prefer, then save it as a PDF.

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False classifications

Your file will be more organized and clearer. The recipients will be able to understand if you label them confidential. This is a common practice in many companies to track what is being done. The stamp, for example, will be on the file when it is resent. This will allow you to see who it is.

You don’t have to make sure you do it, but you can forget. Many editing programs allow you to stamp the file even after it has been saved, so there is no need to fret. Make sure you properly label the copies that you send to ensure you get the correct message.

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Do not zip the files later

You might find it difficult to share your files with others depending on how large they are. If you have written a book with pictures, it might be difficult to upload and send it. You will need to reduce the file size for this purpose.

Many apps allow you to zip files so that they do not exceed the limit. Many sharing platforms have limits on how many megabytes can be uploaded to expedite the process.

You can simply save the document as a compressed file. This will allow you to send the document to anyone you wish. Once the PDF is received, the recipients must extract it and then they can see the contents.

Other devices not being able recognize fonts

You might run into problems if you don’t make adjustments to a font you love. The recipients may not be able read the file if you send it in this way.

This is why it is necessary to embed the typestyle in the document. Most applications will do this automatically. You should make sure you have everything saved properly just in case.


Every day we learn more about how things work. Even if you don’t have any experience with PDF files there are still many things to learn. There are many methods to convert one document into another, but you should only use the apps that were made for this purpose. Even though you may have to pay for some, they can be a valuable asset, especially if your needs change frequently.

If you don’t have the time or need to do it often, there are options available that are either free or included by default in your office software. These mistakes can be costly, so make sure you are comfortable with this format. It is a popular format, especially for formal and business purposes.