How to disable Voice on Roku TVs (2 Simple Methods)

There are many reasons to disable the voicemail on your Roku TV. It can cause problems for some people. People with RA may have difficulty understanding the meaning of words or pronouncing them.

If you’re like most people, you likely turn on your TV in your living room while you’re cooking or relaxing. You might wonder how to disable the voice on Roku TV while you’re watching TV. Roku TV is a popular streaming device that allows you to access many channels and shows. You might wonder how to disable the voice of Roku TV. You have two options to disable the voice on Roku TV. The Roku TV voice can be turned off using the Roku app or the main Roku remote.

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Voice is not part of the OS, so it is easy to disable Voice on Roku TVs. Although it can be difficult to locate the option, it is available. This is how you can turn it on.

Smart TVs are often called “smart” due to the many functions they can perform and the standard capabilities. Smart TVs can be hampered by one thing: ineptness. It’s the one thing that makes a smart TV seem inept. Text-to-speech, a function that Roku TVs have, speaks aloud text from the menus. It can sometimes be irritating. Imagine turning on your Roku TV at night and it speaking to you. We’ll show you how to disable voice on Roku.

I’m not denying that text-to-speech is very useful for visually impaired individuals. It helps consumers navigate the TV’s settings, and other menus. It can be turned off. It can be annoying if it comes on suddenly, as in the case of a child playing with the remote and clicking the text to speak button. This guide will show you how to disable Roku Voice.

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How do you disable Roku’s voicemail?

You can disable text to speech on your Roku device in one of two ways. It’s good that it can be disabled as the voice can be irritating and quite annoying.

How to disable voice on roku

Method 1: Turn off text to speech using the remote

You can accidentally trigger the text-to-speech feature by pressing the settings button (marked with an asterisk). If you press the button four more times, the feature will turn on. To turn it off, simply press the settings button 4 times. This is the simplest way to disable text-to-speech.

Roku refers to this text-to-speech function as Audio Guide. We can see it that way, which can sometimes be annoying. If the Audio Guide isn’t turning off for some reason, you can use the options button on your remote.

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Method 2 – Turn off the voice using the Roku Audio Guide

  • To return to the home screen, turn on the TV and press the Home button.
  • Click the Settings link in the sidebar.
  • Navigate to Accessibility under Settings.
  • Go to the Accessibility menu, and then select Audio Guide.

Select the Audio Guide option. It is now possible to toggle the option between On or Off. Choose the Off option.

That’s it! You can turn off the Audio Guide. The voice will remain active until you hit the Off button. Follow these steps to activate the Audio Guide again.

It’s easy to turn on Audio Guide using just a few buttons on your remote. This is why it’s so common that when you turn on the TV, the Audio Guide voice will come back on. These shortcuts can be disabled on the remote.

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Disable remote shortcuts to turn off the audio guide

  • To return to the home screen, turn on the TV and press the Home button.
  • Click the Settings link in the sidebar.
  • Navigate to Accessibility under Settings.
  • Click on the Shortcut option in the accessibility menu.
  • You can disable the Audio Guide Shortcut completely by selecting Disabled.

This is how to turn off the shortcut button on your remote control. You also might not be able to turn off the Audio Guide even though you hit the settings button four times. This is because your remote’s shortcut functions are disabled.


You should disable shortcuts to protect your own safety and that of others. A toddler might click the “Star” button four times, then turn on the Audio Guide. The Audio Guide activates by itself, so the youngster might just choose to turn off the TV because they don’t know what just happened.